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Our Missions & Visions

The mission of New Age Owls is to create a worldwide learning community of diverse, intellectually passionate students and teachers. Through vibrant seminars, the rigorous curriculum challenges students to reason analytically, think creatively, and argue critically. Beyond the classroom, collaborative extracurricular activities cultivate lasting relationships among students and teachers. The school’s supportive environment fosters independence, strength of character and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.


New Age Owls strives:
  • To cultivate  intellectual knowledge and critical analysis for life-long development;

  • To cultivate a global mindset by providing a multi-cultural  experience; 

  • To cultivate an appreciation of excellence, and artistic talent and taste of music via the engagement in music related activities. 

  • To cultivate an understanding of social skills and methodologies in the information age;

  • To cultivate and encourage students to multi-lingual skills; 

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